Oral Health Surprises: Dental Damage

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When analyzing aspects of your oral health, what are the first things you think of? Do you ever think about damage that can occur to your teeth from outside sources? The answer is you probably do because you’ve been warned since a very young age of the risks of cavities. However, there are other serious forms of damage that can occur to your smile that can be linked to the risks of oral accidents and injuries, which is especially important to understand because even a single blow to your face in the form of a blunt trauma strike can easily destroy your entire jaw or dental profile. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not, which is because many individuals have several risks in their life that they do not prepare in advance for.

If for any reason you’re involved in any contact sports or other similar high-risk activities, you do need to understand the risks involved. Because there are so many different risks to your oral health, you should always wear the necessary safety equipment. Even if it seems tacky in any way, don’t be afraid to wear oral equipment as needed. Even if your only option is a mouth guard to help prevent strikes to your face, wear it. Any level of protection you can use to help limit the risks of damage that may occur and soften the blow should an accident arise, the better off your smile will be. Some potential oral appliances that can be used as effective forms of safety gear include mouth guards, face masks, helmets and any other appliances that can help to withstand or to cushion blunt trauma and strikes to the facial area.

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