A Dental Bridge Can Often Be Used to Replace an Extracted Tooth

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A treatment-based extraction is often the option of last resort for a tooth suffering from a severe cavity or dental trauma. Removing the tooth’s root and associated structures is intended to help reduce the discomfort while allowing the surrounding soft tissues to heal without undue complications.

Aftercare measures might also include prescription medications which will need to be taken at the stated times and dosages.

After all the affected soft tissues have healed, you should consider setting up an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Diana Craft. After assessing the overall health of the surrounding teeth and the available oral structure, she might recommend replacing the extracted tooth with a dental bridge.

The treatment process calls for her to carefully remove the enamel layer from the two teeth nearest to the void. This will live behind a pair of small abutments consisting of the inner dentin layer of each tooth.

A detailed impression can then be prepared of the area so that your custom dental bridge can be made from materials that may rival the durability of natural tooth enamel.

When the dental bridge is ready, our dentist can bond it to the abutment with special type of dental adhesive. Once it has been secured in place the new dental bridge may fully restore the tooth’s presence and physical function in your mouth for many years ahead.

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